Meet Mauz Motional Gestures Visual Gestures Shortkeys

Motion Gestures

Loaded with a suite of built-in features, Mauz is so much more than just a computer mouse. With Mauz users can control their computers with physical gestures as well as button presses – it is literally a handheld, three dimensional pointing device.

3D Navigation

Similarly to a Wii controller only for your computers – just hold the phone and tilt it around and see how your design object or flight simulator move correspondingly

Gestures to Fit Your Specific Needs

World of Warcraft enthusiast? Slay that dragon with a swich of your Mauz; An avid PowerPoint user? Create a gesture to align objects to the left; Devoted web surfer? Create a gesture to move back and forward between your pages. Whatever your poison is… create a gesture for it

Mauz Predefined Gestures

Try one of our predefined gestures that are conviniently customized to interact with your most frequently used computer applications. The Mauz app is compatible with the Office Suite, Web browsers and more. In addition you can search for a package for your favorite programs in Mauz in-app store.