Meet Mauz Motional Gestures Visual Gestures Shortkeys

Visual Gestures

Everybody let’s raise our hands and welcome tomorrow. Mauz recognizes your hand and finger motions and interprets them to computer commands making you and only you the controller. Anyone said Minority report?!

Visual Navigation

With Mauz you can control your computer in three dimensions using just your hand movements – just signal your hand to the left if you want to play the next song in your playlist or zoom in by lowering your hand above the iPhone with visual gestures there’s no need for any device in your hand

Mauz Predefined Visual Gestures

Try one of our predefined gestures that are conveniently customized to interact with your most frequently used computer applications. The Mauz app is compatible with the Office Suite, Web browsers and more. In addition you can search for a package for your favorite programs in Mauz in-app store.


Our Visual Gestures are supported by Nanogest – a world leading and a touch-free gesture recognition SDK for iOS and Android. For more information please visit Nanogest website